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We offer professional tax services to our customers in the Orange County CA area and beyond. We have over 30 years experience in the tax industry and we will gladly assist you, as we have a proven track record that goes beyond all types of income tax preparation. Our tax specialists will provide you with the services that you need and offer our expertise to address your tax concerns.

Tax Services

Oca Tax also offers the most reasonable and professional tax services to our customers From 1040 Short and Long Forms, Self-Employed, Partnerships, ‘’C’’ Corporation, ‘’S’’ Corporation, IRS, Audit Protection Services, Tax return and much more, the best insurance agency in Santa Ana, CA Guarantees your satisfaction.

Give us a call and let our tax experts resolve your tax debt. Our phone number is: 1-888-tax-9200.

A list of items for you to bring to your tax appointment include but are not limited to: Wage Statements/W-2s, IRA contributions, 1099-MISC, Social Security Income/SSA-1099, Pension, retirement income/1099-R, State refund amount/1099-G, Income and expenses from rentals, Copy of last year’s Federal and State tax return, Medical and dental expenses, State or local taxes paid, Driver’s License(s) or picture ID cards, Social Security card(s), Student loan interest/1098-E, Real estate and personal property taxes, Child care expenses and provider information and other job-related, tuition and education fees or unreimbursed expenses.

Become an Income Tax Preparer

If all this sounds interesting to you, you can become an Income Tax Preparer. Oca Tax Corp offers Income Tax Preparation courses in classroom as well as online to fit your busy schedule and learning needs! To get registered as an income tax prepared you need to get our ‘’60 Hour Program’’. If you are renewing your license simply get the 20-hour course. To sign up call 1(888) tax-9200 or go to for more information and prices.

Home Insurance

is the insurance that provides protection to your home regardless if you’re the owner or the tenant, so that you can live in peace knowing you are protected. We all need to protect the place where we live, we never know what can happen when we go out for a long vacation or even overnight while you’re asleep. There can be fires, robbery and weather events. The good part, is that we can help you get the best home insurance at the best price. From losses to fire, lightning strikes or explosions to damage by hurricanes, earthquakes, flooding and much more.

Auto insurance

is an insurance contract that covers the risks the driver and passengers may encounter while driving or in cases of causing an accident. There is a basic mode or fare all vehicle owners must pay. Which also includes legal expenses up to certain limits. This fare is regulated in detail by the state regulations. All owners of any motor vehicle must have an insurance policy (there is  a basic fare that the state demands) to protect the liability of the driver and the damage, both personal and material caused to third parties as a result of an act of circulation. We have the best car insurance in the zone. Offering a variety of options for any type of person or car. Our professionals will give you the service you deserve at excellent prices of every type of driver.

Life insurance

it’s a way to provide peace of mind for your loved ones in case of death, so they can continue to meet their economic needs. Thus, by joining a life insurance policy, the insurance company agrees to pay, in case you die, a sum of money (profit) on behalf of the people you choose (beneficiaries). This contract (insurance policy) involves the payment of an amount on a regular basis (called the premium), which is determined by the insurance company in exchange for the service provided. In the event of his death, his heirs or beneficiaries acquire access to the compensation. Insurers say that, thanks to the combination of foresight and solidarity system, the insured gets an immediate coverage by significant amounts, even when individual contributions are reduced. If you ever thought about getting life insurance, this is the right place to be. Life insurance is very important and a life changing decision. We can work with you to find a life insurance that fits your accommodations and necessities, a life insurance that gives security and support to your family in case you ever miss. Life insurance is a very important tool because it offers a lot of services including payments of funeral expenses and economic welfare of the family.

Tax Preparation Software

If you are an income tax professional, here is some good news! We are going to introduce to you to one of the most efficient and easy-to-use desktop tax preparation software that is currently available in the market, OCA TAX. This package is a creation of the OCA Income Tax Corp which has been specializing in creating state-of-the-art technology solutions for income tax professionals/consultants for the last 32 years. With more than 500 clients, the company is well aware of the requirements to run a successful tax consultation office.

To download a free demo of our easy to use software go to:

Save Time and Money! It is easy to use, Any number of electronic files can be handled, It is competitively priced, It has the ability to run paperless and Expert tech support 24/7 during tax season.