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OCA Income Tax Software Powered by CrossLink
OCA Income Tax Software Powered by CrossLink
The Industry’s Leading Desktop Tax Software ! Designed by Crosslink Tax Software.


“Industry’s Top Applications for High-Volume Tax Preparation Offices”

-OcaTax & Crosslink -A Co-branding of  Professional Software.


Save Time and Money!


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If you are an income tax-professional, here is some good news! We are going to introduce to you to one of the most efficient and easy-to-use desktop tax preparation software that is currently available in the market, OCA TAX. This package is a creation of the OCA Income Tax Corp which has been specializing in creating state-of-the-art technology solutions for income tax professionals/consultants for the last 32 years. With more than 500 clients, the company is well aware of the requirements to run a successful tax consultation office.


OCA TAX – Features at a glance

 Amidst extensive features that will help to make the rigorous tax preparation jobs easy, the most prominent ones about this world-class software package is that it is easy to install and use and is capable of running paperless. The system is competitively priced. As we are co-branded with CROSSLINK Tax Software, you can avail of direct help 24/7 from the experts at a very small cost. The software system is designed to work on standalone systems as well as networks and will be installed free of charges according to individual requirements.

The software allows for correction of error (Point-and-Shoot Error Correction (TM)), supports an exclusive TextLink (TM) feature, permits electronic signatures and helps to handle data, and allows data input from hand-held scanners, and an unlimited number of electronic files from multiple offices. The paperless feature ensures that you do not waste time making copies or wasting all that paper. There is no more rattling of printers or waste of toner either.

All of the above features put together helps to process transactions with a speed that is almost double when compared to existing similar software packages in the market.


Crosslink Tax Software Prices and Promos

The cost of the 2015 OCA TAX is $950. However, it is now available for a price of $650 (if purchased before 1st of October, 2015).

Bundle Offer:

A bundle of 2015 OCA TAX + A new computer + 10 previous tax years’ software is priced at $1599. It is now available for $1299 (if purchased before 1st of October, 2015). Price of any tax year software prior to the year 2014 can now be purchased for $199.


Why Should You Use OCA TAX software


 1. It is easy to use

The software package is user-friendly and contains advanced features to make your tax preparation efforts easy. OCA TAX is designed to handle high volume transactions. In addition to this, it helps to cut down on costs because it is paperless and offers a high processing speed. 


 The additional Work-in-Progress screen facility displays all the document updates on screen at any given point in time. Return statuses, replies, acknowledgments, updates and information from other branches are available at the touch of a button.



2. Any number of electronic files can be handled

The unlimited E-file facility included in the software package helps you cut down on the cost of buying e-files from outside.

  3. It is competitively priced

The OCA TAX costs only half of most other similar software packages that are available in the market. The costs of such packages are around $1000 to $1500 (per office to be connected). Some others charge $700 plus an e-file fee. Our’s is much cheaper!

 4. It has the ability to run paperless

The software package contributes to the environment by running paperless. Documents can be directly scanned into the client’s archive and the system also permits direct incorporation of a signature onto the tax return statement. All these facilities translate to paperless operation, and decrease in expenses relating to toner and printer maintenance.

 5. Expert tech support 24/7 during tax season

The most difficult problems that you encounter during the tax season can be easily solved with the expert tech help that is available 24/7 from Crosslink Tax Software. Premium support is available at a low cost.


Benefits of Using OCA TAX

The following are some of the benefits that can be experienced when you decide to use OCA TAX.

• It is easy to use, fast and efficient
• The Work-In-progress screen helps you to stay up-to-date as far as office/branch documentation status is concerned
• The input forms are simple and user-friendly
• The Point-and-Shoot Error Correction feature helps to identify and clear errors quickly without delay
• Daily IRS drains are possible
• Transactions are processed in real time with leading banks
• 27/7 expert help is available during tax season
• Processing of high-volume transactions are possible (with the help of Crosslink 1040)
• Downtime is zero
• Software updates are automatic
• Reports can be customized according to needs
• Diagnostics are available for checking inconsistencies

Why Choose OCA TAX

• Best in the industry
• 32 years’ experience in audit and tax preparation
• Guaranteed ROI
• User-friendly and help at every step

The Crosslink/OCA TAX Combination

Whatever be the nature of your business: a Service Bureau that supports a diverse and varied customer base, a large organization with multiple branch offices, a single-office operation, given our experience and expertise, we can help you with your income tax preparation efforts and make it easy for you with OCA TAX.


OCA Income Tax Software Powered by CrossLink
OCA Income Tax Software Powered by CrossLink
The Industry’s Leading Desktop Tax Software ! Designed by Crosslink Tax Software.