Benefits of Hiring Income Tax Professional in Santa Ana CA.


santa-ana-caThe City of Santa Ana is the county seat of Orange County. The city has a population of over 330,000 making the second most populous city in the county. It is located in southern California, just 10 miles off the coast. Santa Ana River just flows next to the city. Santa Ana is considered the fourth safest United States’ city. It was founded in 1869.

The area where Santa Ana is located was originally called Hotuuk and was inhabited by the Tongwa tribe. The area’s name was changed by Spanish Expeditors in 1769 to Vallejo de Santa Ana. The name simply meant the Santa Ana Valley. Most part the current day Orange County is formerly Santa Ana Valley. This valley was part of the Alta California that was taken over by Mexico after the independence war from the Spanish Empire. Mexico lost the area to USA in a war 20 years later.
In 1869, William H. Spurgeon obtained land from Jose Antonio Yorba’s descendent and established the city. The city had a population of about 2000 people when it was founded. Eight years later, the city paid Southern Pacific Railroad $10,000 and land to terminate its rail line in the city. The line was originally to go reach Tustin. In 1889, the city received a major boost when it was chosen to be the seat of Orange County. The first automobile road to be built in the city was built along the present day Santa Ana Freeway in 1935.

Points of attractions
• Bower Museum of Cultural Art is an internationally celebrated institution. It is dedicated to the exhibition, study and preservation of arts.
• Discovery Science Center is made of hundreds of solar panels and is located next to the Bowers Museum. The energy from the solar panels is used to run the activities at the museum. The building is famously known as the Cube.
• Santa Ana Zoo located at the Prentice Park is an ideal place to spend time as you learn or play together with your family.
• Old Orange County Courthouse is a both a landmark and the oldest court building in Southern California. The court house was built in 1901 and boosts of over 30,000 square feet of space.
• Heritage Museum of Orange County is located in 12 acres of land. The cultural centre is made up of several buildings from 1890s.
• Westfield Main Place Mall hosts several fine establishments such as Nordstrom, Olive Gardens and El Torito.

Did you know:
Residents of Santa Ana, CA, are required by law to comply with the tax regulations set by IRS. This means all adults are required to fill various tax forms such as the 1040 tax form every year. Although you can file tax by yourself, there are many advantages why you should hire a tax professional.

The basic benefit of hiring a tax preparer is the accuracy and convenience. Filing tax is a cumbersome process. It involves reading through lots of instructions, news releases and publications. Tax preparers have experience in the field and will accurately do your filling.

Hiring a tax professional also reduces the cost of filing tax. Errors from wrongly filing your tax are generally more expensive than hiring a tax professional. Save money by hiring the services of these professionals.
With a tax professional, you will also get to enjoy your full tax refund. You can use money from the refund to pay for your bills. If you file your taxes by yourself, you might miss out on the refund.
Filing income tax Santa Ana CA on time is highly advisable. Always ensure that the information you provide are true and accurate. Remember to go through the filled form before it is submitted to the IRS.