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santa-ana-ca-insurance-agencyWith the rapid growth of insurance business over the years, many people are finding it hard to choose for the best insurance provider. Finding a good insurance provider within your area can be one big task, There are however some good insurance firms ready to offer the best insurance services in the industry.
OCATax Insurance Agency, Santa Ana, CA.- Helping Orange County find the best Insurance Needs for your Lifestyle and Budget.

Take the stress out of shopping for the right insurance.
The task of finding the right insurance needs at the right price can be overwhelming. OcaTax Insurance Agency is the answer. We are your local Insurance Agency, here to help with any questions you may have about insurance agencies, insurance packages, and tax information. Before you agree to pay for any type of insurance, contact OcaTax Insurance Agency.

Don’t take the risk of having inadequate insurance coverage.
OCATax Insurance Agency is here to guide you in finding the right insurance needs for your lifestyle and budget. We offer quotes for individual coverage as well as packages for home, auto, life and health insurance.
Protecting your property is paramount:

• Home Insurance
Protect what you have worked so hard for. Face it, we live in California, earthquake capital, and of late, wildfire capital! Do you have adequate Earthquake coverage? How about adequate coverage in the case of wildfires? What if you were to be robbed of everything while away? Locking doors and setting alarms won’t keep the thief who really wants your prized belongings from taking them. Let OCATax Insurance Agency help you and your family feel protected as you go about your daily activities, knowing you have the right coverage in any of these scenarios.

• Auto Insurance
Many see Auto Insurance as an unnecessary expense, however, it is not only a good idea to protect yourself and your passengers out on the roads and freeways, but minimal coverage is REQUIRED by law! What if you currently have insurance, but worry about having enough coverage? OCATax can help you make sure you are not at risk. Avoid fines, license suspension, or worse, getting sued; protect yourself and all you have worked for with proper Auto Insurance coverage.

Protecting the safety and future of your loved ones is priceless:
• Life Insurance
You have achieved the lifestyle you want; you have everything you need to be comfortable. Will your loved ones have the same fortune when you pass on? Ensure your family can continue living comfortably by securing their futures with adequate Life Insurance. Let OCATax Insurance Agency help you choose from many different packages, including loss-of-limb to death benefits.

• Health Insurance
Health insurance is now required, and you will be fined on a yearly basis if you do not have it. With all the new health laws and requirements, the topic of health insurance can become daunting. Before the Affordable Care Act (ACA) it was usually recommended people simply shop online. However, with complex premium subsidies, cost-sharing subsidies, penalties, qualifying events and special enrollment periods – it’s wise to talk to a licensed insurance agent like OCATax Insurance Agency who can help minimize your cost and maximize your benefits. By purchasing health insurance, you can avoid or minimize an Obamacare Penalty. Protect yourself and your family, and feel safe knowing you are covered in the unfortunate event of illness or hospitalization. OCATax Insurance Agency is here to help you understand coverage options like short-term health plans, and other qualified health plans, as well as pricing options that will fit your budget.

OCATax Insurance Agency offers Income Tax Services.
Income taxes and Insurance Premiums.
Did you know some Insurance Premiums are a Tax Credit? Make sure you are getting the most out of your tax return by claiming the right insurance premiums on your 1040 tax return. Don’t’ prepare another tax return without consulting with OCATax Insurance Agency; it is your money, don’t let the IRS have more of it.

Let OCATax Insurance Agency do the Research
The amount of Insurance options is countless. Don’t let them overwhelm you! Protect yourself, your loved ones, and everything you have with OCATax Insurance Agency. We are a professional, local company based in Santa Ana, determined to give quality service to our clients. We will compare several options, making it possible to get the best individual coverage, or an entire package, at the right price.
Remember, you are not alone. Here at Santa Ana OCATax Insurance Agency we are here to help. Contact us at or 1-888-Tax-9200.
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